Company policy


As a business company, Cheops spol. s r.o. is a major regional organization engaged in trade and supply of machinery intended, in particular, for food production. The Company’s good reputation is founded on long-standing efforts to build its trade name, based on honest and sound dealing with customers.

The management of our Company undertakes to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system, in particular through the defined objectives, target values, programmes and control mechanisms.


In the area of quality management:

·  meeting the requirements and wishes of our customers and compliance with laws and regulations are the fundamental goal of the business; the customer’s satisfaction always comes first;

· services of top-grade quality are provided to customers; customers are offered all-round willingness and assistance from the Company’s staff;

·  the basic rules for behaviour of the Company’s staff include positive approach, courtesy and good manners, also outside of work, high professionalism and expert level, reliability and earnestness;

· our organization is an all-Czech business company based in the region where it pursues its business activities; it strives to offer primarily high-quality services and supports regional sports, cultural and social activities;

·  our actions are aimed at consolidating the Company’s tradition and enhancing its good reputation, together with our best efforts to improve the quality and quantity of services offered, thus ensuring a long-term perspective of the organization and, consequently, certainty for our customers;

· the business creates favourable working conditions for its staff; the employees help each other, reinforcing the team spirit in accomplishing the assigned tasks; employment in the Company is a matter of prestige for the staff;

· we strive for continuous improvement of the quality management system under ISO 9001.




In Chotěboř on 14 December 2016


Ing. Lubomír Kopecký , at own hand

     Company Manager