Glass bottling lines


Years of experience designing and supplying bottling lines produces several installations with range of speed from 500 bhp to 15.000 bph. Recessive returnable glass machines we have designed new range of machines for non refundable. Typical front machine depalletizer of new bottles as well as typical end palletizer has replaced crate loaders and unloaders. Nevertheless CHEOPS Ltd. fabricating whole range of loaders, unloaders, as wel as depalletizers and palletizers with wide variety of automation. Our fastest machines manage 45.000 bhp easily !


Even simple depallerizer manage different size of bottle without any change parts. Completed with through running roller conveyor and pallet stacker is a great assistant of high speed bottling lines.


Example of top end of fully automatic boxes and/or pack palletizer is CHEPAL 1800. This machine is with nominal speed 15.000 bph the end of bottling line doing the heaviest work. There is pallet wrapper fully integrated. Together with fail safe control system and minimal requirements to change parts. There are tens of patterns available with this machine. On the another hand, there is a semi automatic, cost effective, 500 packs per hour machine in our product range as well.

Loading and unloading

Years of expertise and experience with bottle manipulation to crates or boxes. We are fabricating huge family with maximum speed over 45.000 bph. Example of five head unloader system is shown in photogallery. We have crate washers, erectors and sealers, associated with conveyor system. To start with, there is a range of semi automatic machines for low speed applications as well.