PET bottling line


CHEOPS Ltd. designes and manufactures lines for filling to standard PET bottles, canisters and several types of another plastic containers. Prestigious blowers and/or un-scramblers are usually integrated to faster lines. Bottles are then transporter to PET block using air conveyors. Handling to rinse, fill and cap is neck from star to star all the way through triblock. Minimum change parts is hen required for usual huge number of containers filled by single machine. After labeling and coding conveyors transport bottles to fully or semi automatic shrink wrapping machine. Palletizer with different degree of automation is usually last machine in the line.

Triblock 12-12-4

One of our smaller rotary system. Fabricated for PET or glass bottles with counter pressure of volumatric filling principle. Volumetric filling in conjunction with neck handling creating triblock universal machine with minimal requests to change. Advanced diagnostic tools are available because of sophisticated control system used. As customer requires we are able to supply well known tribocks of other companies and integrate it to our line.

Rinser Rova

Automatic rinser with nominal output 3000 bph. Customized solution because of foot print requirements. It can be for milking so two phase rinser with water sterile filters finally conered in sterile air. CHEOPS Ltd. build full range of one, two or three phase rinsers up to 20,000 bph. We do take care about precise water consumption and its regeneration to another process. Machine can be supplied as stand alone or integrated into a Triblock.

Shrink Wrappers Termopak

Termopak is wide family of shrink wrappers. The simplest semi automatic machine to start with to about thousand packs per hour in variations to film only,pad+film, tray+film, tray+pad. We have spend lot of time designing perfect insulation and precise control of shrinking tunnel. That leaded to lower consumption of electric power with excellent packing deficiency. It is possible to find our shrink wrappers in another industries such as automotive,textile,wook,chemical,cosmetic processing.